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The Redblack Humbucker

The Redblack is designed to give you bite and clarity; the glassy-to-raspy top of a single coil with the heft and muscle you can only get from a 'bucker.

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The Whiteblack Humbucker

The Whiteblack is a pickup of extremes: able to do the full range of beautifully subdued clean sound, but with a dark, evil side that can quickly be unleashed.

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Our Pickups, Our Ethos

Read about our available pickups in detail, and see what we have in store for our future magnetic transducers.

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So Sweet

FIRST-WEEK SALE ON OUR WEBSTORE! ENDS MARCH 30th! Now Available – our brand new Sweetcaster pickups for Telecaster, Stratocaster and P90 Soapbar! Chiming highs, syrupy lows. The sweestest clean tone you ever did hear. Notes bloom from initial attack. Pile on some drive and all this niceness folds in on itself: things get gravelly and […]

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