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The Redblack Humbucker

The Redblack is designed to give you bite and clarity; the glassy-to-raspy top of a single coil with the heft and muscle you can only get from a 'bucker.

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The Whiteblack Humbucker

The Whiteblack is a pickup of extremes: able to do the full range of beautifully subdued clean sound, but with a dark, evil side that can quickly be unleashed.

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Our Pickups, Our Ethos

Read about our available pickups in detail, and see what we have in store for our future magnetic transducers.

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Bassy Bass Bass

So we *finally* got our (b)asses into gear and released pickups for bass players!   The Saltbass is our newest arrival, and it’s one punchy fella. Available for Precision and Jazz (and by request for Mustang, Musicmaster and ’51 P), it gives your instrument extra punch and focus – a vintage style pickup that keeps […]

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