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The Redblack Humbucker

The Redblack is designed to give you bite and clarity; the glassy-to-raspy top of a single coil with the heft and muscle you can only get from a 'bucker.

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The Whiteblack Humbucker

The Whiteblack is a pickup of extremes: able to do the full range of beautifully subdued clean sound, but with a dark, evil side that can quickly be unleashed.

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Our Pickups, Our Ethos

Read about our available pickups in detail, and see what we have in store for our future magnetic transducers.

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Our Rangers are wider than your Rangers

Wide Rangers are here! We’ve been planning a replacement for the Fender Wide Range Humbucker for quite some time now. We’ve been rebuilding the Fender reissues as a custom order for a while now, but finally we have a 100% CMT built model. Available in the usual three flavours, we’ve worked hard to put an […]

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